HomeDev Pro: Scheduling, Estimating, & Purchasing

HomeDev Pro is a complete project management tracking system offering builders total project control from the initial budgeting to the final payment. Create and maintain job schedules, track progress and control changes easily and efficiently on all building projects. Easily estimate projects with standard processes, including a custom portal for your vendors to access schedules and tasks.



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Job Cost

HomeDev Pro™ Job Cost is a complete project management system for single or multi-level budgets, offering builders total project control from initial budgeting to final payment. HomeDev simplifies the entire process by tracking the actual costs for comparison to estimates, work orders, purchase orders, invoices and key milestones from start to finish.

Job Cost allows custom builders to increase overall profitability with automation features. Automatically generate and send Bid Requests to subcontractors for true side-by-side cost comparisons. For the winning proposal, automatically generate and send Purchase Orders for immediate implementation. Accurate payments are collected upon the completion of the work.

In the case of an exception to the plan, the automated workflow enables requests for variance or order changes, subject to approval. For accuracy and added control measures, managers can set dollar authorization levels to better direct the final cost of each project.

Job Cost also allows completed jobs to serve as blueprints for managing future projects, enhancing the efficiency of the project management process, increasing profitability and eliminating repeated errors.

Why HomeDev Pro?
    • Simplify the entire job costing process through purchase order automation
    • Control costs with management-by-exception variance requests to stay on plan and on budget
    • Increase profitability by never making the same mistake twice
    • Flexible controls for custom homebuilders

Document Management

HomeDev Pro™ Document Management allows builders to manage and track all project documents easily and efficiently, and features extensive document sharing capabilities. Documents such as permits, contracts, scopes of work, plans and blueprints, are stored in one central area for consistency and easy access.

Tracking and managing documents is effortless and improves overall communication and collaboration with staff, partners and clients.

Document Management eliminates issues related to multiple versions and missing documents by utilizing one version of each document and stored in one central location. Documents are just a click away, and enable easy sharing, editing or a quick reference.

Why HomeDev?
    • Eliminate version errors and missing documents with one version and one place for every document
    • Increase efficiency by creating a centralized location for all documents and a quicker retrieval speed
    • Track and manage documents easily with extensive document sharing capabilities for improved communication and collaboration with staff and partners


HomeDev Pro Scheduling helps builders to create and maintain job schedules, track progress and control changes easily and efficiently on all building projects, and can be custom tailored to meet the unique needs of the builder.

Staff and homeowners are better able to work together with real-time synchronization on project changes, targets and deadlines. Personalized To Do Lists for vendors, employees and customers maximize efficiency and eliminate costly delays with lead-time functionality and seamless order processing.

Scheduling is not only designed for the construction process, as it enables a sales team to track key events and deadlines. Customers are better kept informed and engaged throughout the entire building process, from purchase to move-in date, increasing overall customer satisfaction.

Effectively manage limited resources, including vendors with concurrently scheduled jobs, and link resources to multiple jobs for a more effective distribution of time. Standard templates can be customized within specific jobs and linked to multiple projects such as multi-unit homes, to create optimal workflow consistency.

Why HomeDev Pro?
    • Manage building schedules and increase satisfaction by keeping customers informed and engaged throughout the entire process
    • Eliminate costly delays with lead-time functionality, for seamless order processing within the schedule
    • Effectively manage limited resources with customizable templates and link to multiple jobs for workflow consistency

Builder Portal

HomeDev Pro™ Builder Portal improves communication by providing a security-accessed, web-based portal for managing a homebuilding business both efficiently and effectively.

Builder Portal provides builders with a unique online access point to view assigned jobs and schedules. It enables increased responsiveness and efficiency using one secure, centrally accessible repository for all documents such as plans, scope of work, contracts and other relevant job information.

Eliminate costly printing and reduce administrative costs with automatic e-mail notification for Bid Requests and Purchase Orders, while offering builders the ability to submit Payment Requests electronically. All requests are forwarded for approval via automated workflow, facilitating timely payment upon work completion.

Why HomeDev Pro?
    • Eliminate printing costs and provide increased responsiveness and efficiency
    • Improve communication and collaboration with vendors and stakeholders


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HomeDev Pro Info Sheet (PDF)

HomeDev Pro: Information Sheet

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HomeDev Pro Video Demo

HomeDev Pro: Video Demo

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